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Our Mission

We believe that Every Kid ROX has been designed in a wonderfully complex way. Our mission is to empower parents through a parent-centric community to share lived experiences and create tools to make the complex needs parenting journey easier.

Our Vision

Our vision is to support every parent in their quest to be the best advocate for their child(ren) with complex needs.

Meet the founders

pedro bev

Bev and Pedro are the driving force behind Every Kid ROX.

They believe that every child is wonderfully complex.

Raising 5 children and managing their own family's complex needs has given Bev and Pedro an abundance of life experience in this field. After a difficult 4 years adopting 3 of their middle children, they now have a house full of complexities to contend with - most notably ASD, ADHD, FASD, Mild Intellectual Disability, Sensory Processing Disorder, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Sensory Modulation Disorder, Anxiety and instances of violent and reactive behaviour.

Despite all this adversity, the couple's optimism and zeal for helping other parents has kept them going; it is this shared responsibility that led to founding Every Kid ROX - a platform for sharing information and providing tools that make the challenging pathway of complex need parenting much more manageable. Bev is often found connecting with her friends over tea or enjoying her passion for soccer while Pedro loves building Lego, tech talk and meeting new people in the community.

Ultimately, they hope to create a parent-focused community that gives individuals the encouragement they need to thrive.

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